News of the World called Church Girl is Porn Star.

The interview below was her first from April of 2008, however you can CLICK HERE for the newest which is from May of 2009.

The little angel pictured here has grown up to be a porn-again Christian who is dedicated to her missionary work.

With sparkling blue eyes, Nikki Jayne looks a picture of innocence at her first Holy Communion 12 years ago. But today, the 22-year- old is America's hottest new hard-core porn sensation.

From churchgoer to a real goer, the wild Wigan lass once served up cups of tea and biscuits every Sunday. Now she's serving up 34C cups and taking the sex industry by storm.

She recalled last night: "I was quite religious when I was growing up.

"I used to go to church every Sunday and me and my friends ran a tea club for the older people. I went every week until I was in my early teens—that's when I started to discover other things in life, like boys."

The busty babe has just signed an exclusive deal with the world's biggest porn producer Vivid Entertainment, who made Jenna Jameson a XXX legend.

Bosses were blown away by Nikki Jayne—whose real name is Samantha —after her debut performance in a blue flick.

She added: "I feel lucky to be a Vivid Girl—I know I can go far."

That'll be all her prayers answered then!

Nikki Jayne left school with a full set of GCSEs including an A* in drama.

But she soon tired of studying performing arts, business studies and psychology at college and quit after just three months.

She landed a job selling advertising at a local newspaper - where she sold ads in the private services section of the classifieds.

But she had moved on to working part-time as a model fitness instructor when she was discovered by an agent while modelling evening gowns at an adult exhibition.

She told them she wanted to be a porn star - and three days later was in the Czech Republic filming her first scene.

Nikki said: "I went to college but I found it boring. I was always a sporty chick, a bit of a tomboy who liked going out with my friends and getting trashed.

"I was modelling these really classy evening gowns at a show and saw these DVDs.

"I just thought, 'I could be on the front of those.'

"I told the guys there I wanted to be a porn star, and a couple of days later I was in the Czech Republic.

"The first scene I did was in front of 50 people and I actually found it quite liberating.

"I thought if I could do that, I could do anything.

"I'd never really even watched porn before, but I'm a sexual person and I'd thought a lot about doing films.

"I come from a very open-minded family and they have been really supportive.

"I'm a crazy girl, so they would probably be more shocked if I was doing something tame.

"My mum thinks it's great, and I show her all my nude pictures.

"I just love the shock factor. I just get a buzz off doing anything that's shocking.

"I feel I don't have to prove myself to anyone, as long as I'm happy with what I'm doing.

"I used to be religious but now I'd say I'm a very spiritual person.

"I've been to loads of tarot readers and psychic websites.

"All of what has happened to me has been predicted in the cards and now it's all coming true.

"I love it in LA. People keep stopping me in the street and asking if I'm a film star, and I tell them, 'Well, kind of.'"

"I'm 5ft 10ins, which is tall for a porn star, blonde, British and new to the industry.

"I guess I was just the package they were looking for.

"I know I can go far. I've got something different and a bit special.

"I'm taller than many guys, but it really doesn't matter because we're both the same height when we're in bed."

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