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I heard Vivid was releasing a line of skate boards. Will Nikki Jayne be one of those girls?

Yes. In October of 2008 it was revealed that Nikki Jayne would indeed be part of a new line of Skateboards. Vivid granted a license to Quebec-based Control MFG to manufacture a line of limited edition skateboards featuring images of the famous Vivid Girls paired with the names of top Team Control riders. The first four pro-model boards from the Canadian company will showcase Sunny Leone paired with Gab Ekoe; Nikki Jayne with PIF; Hanna Hilton with Thomas Parent and Meggan Mallone with Casey McDonald. A fifth board will display just the Control Skateboard and Vivid logos. Nikki Jayne is teamed up with PIF who is best known for his hand rail skills. He has already conquered El Toro in California and is a threat in any best trick on a hand rail. He was in the top three at the Slam City Jam with Haslam and Creager.

Does Nikki have any unfulfilled fantasies, or does she get to act out all her fantasies as a porn star?

I think everyone no matter how great their sex life is has some sort of fantasy they have yet to fulfill and Nikki Jayne is no different. She recently said she wants to be a Roman sex slave. Nikki has said, "I will get fucked by a bunch of Roman soldiers, just treated like a little ho, I like that a lot."

Which Vivid girl does Nikki Jayne think is the sexiest? Does she favor any one Vivid girl over another?

Nikki Jayne once said that she was really into Sunny Leone but now she isn’t for sure since she is more into personality then looks. It was rumored that one day Sunny Leone was having a bad day while on set and the two didn't get along all to well. Nikki Jayne now says she is more into someone like Belladonna because she is hot and sexy and Nikki isn’t into the pretty, pretty girly thing. She likes girls to be like a lipstick lesbian. Someone who is hot, but they don’t have to wear a pink dress or lots of makeup. “I had a girlfriend once in England,” Nikki states. “And she was a professional dancer and a fire breather and she wore ripped jeans and tank tops and cool boots. Like a hot Tomboy girl. Belladonna has that look. Sex just oozes out of her.” As far as the other Vivid girls go, at this time (January of 2009) there are only two other Vivid girls under contract which are Meggan Mallone and Hanna Hilton and all three girls are very close.

Does Nikki have any piercings or tattoos?

Yes. Her wrist is tattooed with the name “Derek” (for Derek Hays aka Ben English) and her clit is pierced. Nikki said that it works for her career that she is fresh and as natural looking as possible.

What kind of guys does Nikki Jayne like?

She used to like dark eyes, but has changed her tastes. She now likes a guy that is confident, but not cocky, affectionate but not a softy, generous but not a pushover, ambitious but not greedy.

Does Nikki have any plans to have kids one day?

Yes for sure. She has said that she wants to live a life full of love and happiness. “I want to teach my kids to be good moral individuals and let them go to dancing school and stuff like that so that they have options for their future. I know that takes finances so I am trying hard to make a living so that when I do want kids I can give them the best life possible.”

Nikki was dating a guy from England. Will she see American men, too?

Nikki has said she doesn’t think she could be with an American man. She is afraid he wouldn’t understand her. “Americans don’t get me. They think I am weird. We are just totally different cultures. They wouldn’t understand my lingo. They wouldn’t understand anything about me, Words that I say and things that I do.”

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