The Vivid reality series Deeper Throat airs exclusively on Showtime starting in February of 2009 and will re-air through the rest of the year. Please check your local listings for exact dates and times to watch specific episodes.

Vivid Entertainment seems to be all about mainstream media lately and well that's good news for Vivid girl fans because now you can get even more of them!! Especially when their all new reality type show airs on Showtime starting on Valentine's day 2009. The name is the series is called Deeper Throat and the first episode is scheduled on 02/14/2009. I don't know all the cast who is in the series as of yet but I seen a bit of a promo that included the newest Vivid girls Hanna Hilton, Meggan Mallone and Nikki Jayne as well as Monique Alexander. Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne are already gaining a huge fan base in the 1 year or so they have been the new face of Vivid but I really think this reality show on Showtime, if done right will help increase their fan base in a major way. Guess we shall see. As more information about Deeper Throat becomes available, I will let you know.

In episode 101, the series premiere, Vivid Entertainment owner Steven Hirsch stage a full-court press to persuade the owner of the porn classic “Deep Throat” to sell him the remake rights, and grooms a beautiful actress for hard-core stardom.

In this first episode we seen Meggan Mallone break up with her boyfriend. This is the guy that she was with when she first entered the business. Rumor has it, at least according to a photog who claims to have discovered her, this is the boyfriend who on Meggan Mallone's first night in LA, they had to spend in the hospital because this dumb ass OD'd. They didn't show the boyfriend in the series, they basically just showed Meggan Mallone talking with a VP from Vivid about the breakup. This first episode also gave us the signing of Hanna Hilton. Hanna Hilton was in this meeting with her real life boyfriend Jack Venice who just a few months later would be convicted of rape and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

In episode 102, Steven launches the search for a modern star who can duplicate the "deep throat" skills of the legendary Linda Lovelace, with hilarious results, and meets with a former Miss USA who agrees to work in a porn movie.

In episode 103, script problems convince Steven and director Paul Thomas that a light comedy starring an unknown is the wrong direction for their "Deep Throat" remake, and elect to make the film a murdery mystery with rising star Sasha Grey in the lead.

In episode 104, filming of the "Deep Throat" remake begins, with Sasha Grey proving to the cast and crew that she is the right choice to carry on the classic original's legacy - but a temperamental costar brings out the explosive side of director Paul Thomas.

In episode 105, the long hours and stress of filmmaking take their toll on the cast and crew in a long day of flubbed lines, botched takes, and unwanted interference from one of the producers' assistants.

In episode 106, the "Deep Throat" remake wraps but the owner of the original film's rights drops a bombshell on Steven Hirsch: he hates the film, and won't allow the producers to use his title, requiring some fancy last-minute footwork from the Vivid staff.
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