This is the detailed and exclusive biography for Nikki Jayne which includes information about her career as a world famous porn star and tiny bits about what is going on in her personal life too.

Nikki Jayne was born in Manchester, England, on June 10, 1985. She attended high school and college in the historic town of Wigan. While working for a local newspaper, the 22 year-old beauty also competed in kickboxing matches and was a part-time model. She stands 5 foot 9 inches tall with the measurements of 34C-26-34. This blonde hair, blue eyed bombshell is taller than many of the men she dates, but says that "really doesn't matter in bed." Nikki has no tattoos and her only peircing is on her clit.

Nikki was modeling evening gowns in the UK when she was discovered by an agent. She performed in just one adult movie when she was introduced to Vivid executives. "I realize what a lucky break it is to become a Vivid Girl."

When asked about what her family thinks about her being in the adult industry she says, "I come from a very open-minded family and they've always been supportive of my decisions," Nikki says. "My aunt was a stripper and she probably inspired me because I always wanted to do something where I showed off my body. I'm probably a classic Gemini with both naughty and nice sides." In Nikki's first film she didn't hold anything back. This is one girl who is not afraid to try anything. She does anal, ass-to-mouth, threesomes, double penetration and double vaginal penetration. Jayne farts cum on fellow performer, Ruby Knox, and shares a dildo with busty brunette, Ilona. There's also plenty of deep-throating, fish-hooking, and generally speaking, super-high raincoat factor, all-around nasty sex all in her very first porn movie. And yes, this is really Nikki Jayne's first time starring in an adult film. It was stated that, "virtually no attractive first-time performer would do all that in her first scene! It's no wonder they had to cross the Atlantic to find her."

Nikki's other passions include traveling and spiritual pursuits such as astrology and numerology - which, confirms her abundance of sexual and erotic energy. Nikki claims that everything that has happened to her was all fortold in the the cards.

Since signing with Vivid Nikki Jayne has been enjoying a world of publicty and exposure including landing the cover of adult magazines such as this one (see below) where she is on the cover of the April 2009 issue of Club Magazine.

April 2009 Club Magazine

On her MySpace page Nikki Jayne provides a very detailed biography about herself. Here is a copy of what she has to say about herself ....

I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue my career as an adult film star. My dream was to work for Vivid from a very young age. I have a very Naughty side to my sweet nature & it was just inevitable that I was gonna become one of the biggest porn stars in the world! If you wanna know about my career as Vivid girl then simply just google me & you'll find everything you wanna know + lots of naughty naked pictures!

If you wanna get intouch with me personally (in what ever sense) then this is me..... the REAL girl ..... Samantha. It all happened slowly but seems fast now, unexpectedly but inevitable.... shocking to some people (that don't know me that well) but it suits my nature.... I'm a bit of a contridiction but mean no harm because i'm just living in the moment.... It may seem shallow but I go the the depths of the ocean.... don't judge by the cover.... there's more to me than what meets the eye ..................... I have a kind of swashbuckling personality.

People see me as the adventurer that I am. They expect the unexpected from me, and when I don't I often surprise them. I love my freedom and I see this life as an ongoing adventure. I can be upbeat and optimistic most of the time but my bane is that I love to indulge my senses, I have an appetite for anything that stimulates my senses -- sex, food, alcohol, and drugs... this is my biggest down fall that can make me feel like my life is a never ending roller coaster of extreme highs & lows.

To dicipline myself I am directing my addictive personality to more healthy productive things like going to the gym everyday... making a career out of my innate erotic energy... & just saying NO to drugs, which in the past was dificult but once you've felt all these different levels of madness there's nothing else to explore... just feeling rough & chronic paranoia! My new years resolution is to not smoke weed, only in Amsterdam! I know this sounds funny but if I wanna smoke I have to go all the way to Dam to do it! Now thats Dicipline.... I think!

My life feels like a giant steel roller coaster with hydraulic motors... full of extremes, the people I meet, the experiences I experience are all extreme... I kno that one day I will slow down & find a balance but i'm enjoying the way it is stil. My biggest fears are being unsuccessful, making a mess of my life & realising everything I am & believe in is wrong.

I'm not scared of the dark, I like the dark side in moderation & I don't fear being alone because I think when i'm alone I learn about myself & what I truely want without the influence of others. just me & my own mind.

The mind can be dangerous tho, mine can... but your heart can cause u intense pain. I never know if to follow my heart or my mind so I just follow what makes me happy & buzz off life...

I love feeling butterflies in my stomach... I think once the butterflies go then somethings wrong & the situation has gone stale & it's time to move on to embrace a new situation. I need and want much love, but I am not very demonstrative. I can be a little rigid and stubborn. I am honest and unpretentious. I detest liars and affectations.

I'm not a jelous person only when my boyfriend sleeps with other girls (thats his job) which is a contridiction because I sleep with other guys too (thats my job).... I was never bothered by it before but now it bothers me because he's rich enough!... Or maybe iv just forced myself to be bothered because it would be abnormal to not be bothered by your man sleeping with gorgeous girls. Where not together tho now.... So that doesn't bother me... I'm a very spiritual person but stil, money (making lots of it) dominated my entire life for along time... I thought it was very important to be rich & have beautiful things like cars, houses & jewlery but I was misreable always feeling I don't have enough .... (even tho I have none of those things but thats what I was striving towards & struggling).

One of the reasons I got into porn was monetry reasons too... but I soon realised that porn stars aren't rich... I'm just doing this now because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel & being with a company like Vivid I can make a successful career in the long term & relax to a quiet place when i'm in my 30's & just chil on the beech drinking a nice cocktail foreva! The passage that changed my life....

Wanting: The need for more! The Ego Identifies with having, but its satisfaction in having is a relatively shallow short lived one. Concealed within it remains a deep-seated sense of dissatisfaction of incompleteness of "not enough" "I don't have enough yet". As we have seen, having-the concept of ownership-is a fiction created by the ego to give itself solidity & permanency & make itself stand out, make itself special. Since you cannot find yourself through having, however, there is another more powerful drive underneath it that pertains to the structure of the ego: the need for more, which we could also call "wanting".

No ego can last for long without the need for more. therefore, wanting keeps the ego alive much more than having. The ego wants to want more than it wants to have. And so that shallow satisfaction of having is always replaced by more wanting.

This is the psychological need for more, this is to say, more things to identify with. It is an addictive need, not an authentic one. In some cases, the psychological need for more or the feeling of not enough that is so charicteristic of the ego becomes transferred to the physical level & so turns into insatiable hunger.

The sufferers of bulimia will offten make themselves vomit so they can continue eating. Their mind is hungry, not their body. This eating disorder would be healed if the sufferers, instead of being identified with their mind, could get intouch with their bodys & so feel the true needs of the body rather than the pseudo needs of the egoic mind.

Some egos know what they want to pursue their aim with grim & ruthless determination- Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, to give justa few larger-than-life examples. The energy behind their wanting, however, creates an opposing energy of equal intensity that in the end leads to their downfall.

In the meantime, they make themselves & many others, or in larger-than-life examples create hell on earth. Most egos have conflicting wants. They want different things at different times or may not even kno what they want except that they don't want what is: the present moment.

Unease, restlessness, boredom, anexity, dissatisfaction, are the result of unfulfilled wanting. Wanting is structural, so no amount of content can provide lasting fulfillment as long as that mental structure remains in place. Intense wanting that has no specific object can often be found in the stil developing ego of teenagers, some of whom are in permanent state of negativity & dissatisfaction.

The physical needs for food, water, shelter, clothing, and basic comforts could be easily met for all humans on the planet, were it not for the imbalance of resources created by the insane & rapacious need for more, the greed of the ego. It finds collective expression in the economic structures of this world, such as huge corporations, which are egoic entities that compete with each other for more. Their blind aim is profit.

They pursue that aim with absoloute ruthlessness. Nature, animals, people, even their own employees, are no more than digits on a balance sheet, lifeless objects to be used, then discarded. The thought form of "me" & "mine", of "more than" of "want", "I need", "Imust have" and of "not enough" pertain not to content but the structure of the ego.

The content is interchangeable. As long as you don't recognize those thought forms within yourself. as long as they remail unconscious, you will believe in what they say; you will be condemned in acting out those unconscious thoughts, condemned to seeking & not finding-because when those thought forms operate, no possession, place, person, or condition will ever satisfy you. No content will satisfy you, as long as the egoic structure remains in place.

No matter what you have or get, you won't be happy. You will always be looking for something else that promises greater fulfillment, that promises to make your incomplete sense of self complete & fill that sense of lack you feel within.

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